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COVID-19 Survey By FAO

Hello Friends,
                     FAO (Food and Agriculture organization) released official survey for find impact of COVID-19 on Human life

 FAO Covid-19

The official statement as follows.

Subject: On-line survey of the impacts of COVID-19 on implementation of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

Dear Sir/Dear Madam,

              I have the honour to bring to the attention of all national focal points of the International Treaty, the on-line survey, which the Secretariat is undertaking. In recognition of the current and potential future challenges to agricultural and food production arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Secretariat has developed the survey in order to gather information and views on the specific impacts of COVID-19 on implementation of the International Treaty at the country level. 

                The results of the survey will assist Contracting Parties with identifying key issues affecting implementation of the International Treaty and defining possible responses and measures. The Secretariat will present a report to the next Session of the Governing Body of the Treaty in this regard, and will make its best efforts to raise awareness of the survey results and facilitate continuous information-sharing and cooperation among Contracting Parties and other stakeholders.

               In the analysis of the survey results, the Secretariat will neither identify specific country inputs nor share personal data of the respondents in any publicly available documentation. In this context, while cognizant of the effort it might require and aiming not to cause any undue burden, I encourage you to share any available information, including information that you may have received from relevant stakeholders in your respective country. 

                The on-line survey is available in English, French and Spanish at the following link: 

              In order to allow for the timely compilation and analysis of the results.

                Should you require any further clarification or assistance with the on-line survey, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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