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How to make Mozzarella Cheese at home


           Cheese! wow yummy is your first word when you lessen word Cheese.
Now days cheese is our daily using product, But what you know about Cheese? could we make Cheese at home? and answer is yes we could make Cheese at home. How? Reed this Article you will going to master of Mozzarella Cheese.
   Cheese is simple dairy product, made by coagulation of milk in many types flavors and textures. Generally milk of Goats, sheep, cows and buffalo are used for make cheese. Let's see how!

Ingredient required for 250 gram of Cheese are.
1) Full cream milk: 2.0 liter.
2) Vinegar : 50 ml. (Half cup)
3) Salt :20 gram. (one big Tablespoon)
4) Cold Water : 1.0 liter
Equipment required for 250 gram of Cheese are.
1) Refrigerator
2) Two SS Pots (3 liter capacity)
3) One Frying Spatula
4) Gas stove
5) SS mesh

Process of Cheese.

First Take full cream milk in stainless steel pot and Start heating until it get lukewarm. Stop Heating and add Vinegar in to milk and mix well by spatula for 25 to 30 seconds. Cover milk pot and hold as it is for 20 minutes. Generally during industrial production we use Rennet but for home made vinegar also did same job.

After 20 minutes you see curd formed in pot. Collect curd in mesh by using frying spatula and drain off whey from it, Squeeze gently during draining whey from curd.
Add salt in whey and mix well until dissolve. Start heating whey until its temperature riches to 50 to 60 degree Celsius approximately heat but don't boil it. 
Collect curd and add in to heated whey, After 10 second remove remove curd and squeeze by hand for remove whey. Repeat this process again in same whey. Take curd  in hand and bend it inside from edges of curd until it break from center of it. Stretch curd slightly for 4 times and deep again in to same whey and repeat this process for 5 times and bend it inside from edges of curd.
Now you got silky smooth texture to your cheese then add this cheese in to cold water for 2 minutes. After two minutes wrap cheese tightly by plastic paper and place in to refrigerator for two hours.
After two hours your home made Mozzarella cheese is ready to add on Pizza and many type of your daily food for cooking.

 How simple! it is? tell me in comments.  
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