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Hot Pakoda Recipe

Hot Pakoda Recipe

Pakoda dish is comes under Breakfast dish. It is very popular dish in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Shrilanka with different name, Some people call it Pakoda Some Call Pakora and Some Called Bhaji.

Pakoda is very easy to make and it require only five minutes to make Pakoda.

In India its available in every street as a best street food with cheap price and best quality taste.

Ingredient Require for Pakoda for one dish are

1. Gram flour - 100 gram.

2. Edible Oil - As Require For Frying

1. Onion   - 1(medium size)

2. Green Chilly - 4 Nos.(change as per your taste or use Red Chilly Powder)

3. Coriander leaves - 4 Nos.

4. Turmeric Powder - Half Tablespoon.

5. Salt - As per Taste

6. Water -  50 ml.

Process of making Pakoda

First take Onion and chop it in to small vertical pieces. Then chop green chilly in small pieces and mix together.

Then chop Coriander leaves in medium pieces add in to it.

Next step is to add Gram Four, Salt, Turmeric Powder and Water and make thick paste of all ingredient.

Stat heating Oil in Karahi for deep frying of Pakoda.

After oil heated, Increase gas flame on high and start frying Pakoda. Take mixture in hand and drop it in heated oil as size of Pakoda  one by one.

Fry it until its color change to Reddish Broun. Serve hot for better taste.
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