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How to Make whole wheat sourdough bread

How to Make whole wheat sourdough bread

        Bread! just think bread not invented till date, O my god I can't. Bread plays essential role in human daily life.
        Bread is a baked staple food prepared from a dough of flour water and yeast. Bread is present from thousands of years in human life. It have covered larges part of man made foods. We have lots of Bread recipes with different type and flavor.

Today we are making Burger bread as shown in bellow image.

Ingredient Require for five burger bread are

1) Flour - 250 gram (2 big cups)

2) Sugar - 20 gram (2 tablespoon)

3) Salt - As per Taste.

4) Yeast - 10 gram (2 tablespoon)

5) Oil - 20 ml.

6) Water - 250ml ( As per need for kneading dough)

7) Egg - 1 Nos. ( You can skip it )

Equipment Require are 

1) Oven ( you can skip oven we can make this recipe on gas stove )

2) Gas stove

3) Non stick pot (Kadai)

4) Bowl (2 lit.)

Process of making Burger bread.

Take flour in Bowl and add salt as per taste, Sugar 2 table spoon, Yeast 2 table spoon & add one egg, Mix this ingredient properly. Add lukewarm water as needed for kneading dough and start kneading. During kneading dough add two tablespoon oil and knead for 10 minutes.

After kneading add 2 spoon oil on it and seal bowl air tight by plastic wrapper and rest for hour at worm temperature or room temperature.

After one hour remove wrapper of bowl, you see that size of dough is increased.
Again knead dough for one minutes and make pieces for bread.

Make oil greasing inside of nonstick Kadai (pot) and place ball's in to it then  cover Kadai by lead & rest for 10 minutes.
Place Fry Pan (Tawa) on gas stove and start heating at medium flame. Place Kadai on fry pan and cook for 30 to 35 minutes, note that Kadai should be covered by lead. If you have Oven bake at 180 degree Celsius for 35 to 40 minutes. For Kadai baking flip and cook for 10 minute after 35 minutes cooking.

After 10 minutes remove bread and make oil greasing to bread and cover  cloth for cool down bread. After cooling your home made whole wheat sour dough bread is ready to use. 
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