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First of all have to know simple logical things behind the Ice-Cream that is 
Ice-Cream is a simple dairy product made by Milk, Milk powder, Sugar and Stabilizer with Refrigeration system & Air incorporation.

Production of Ice-Cream contain 4 steps are
1) Mix preparation.
2) Addition of Color & Flavor. 
3) Ice-Cream Production.
4) Storage.

Ingredient Require for 2 liter of Wild Strawberry Ice-Cream are
Milk -1.5 liter
Milk Powder - 100 gram.
Butter - 180 gram.
Sugar - 300 gram.
Stabilizer - 10 gram. (Danisco/Lucid)
Fruit  : Strawberry - 500 gram.
Ice or Chilled water - 1 liter.

Equipment require for home made Ice-Cream.

Gas stove
SS pot (2 liter)

Process for Mix preparation

first add milk in stainless still pot 


Start heating on gas stove at medium flame.

At worm condition of milk add milk powder. 

During addition of milk Powder don't stop steering until powder dissolve completely.

Make sure that Milk powder dissolved properly then add 50% sugar  than required Quantity. Mix remaining sugar with stabilizer add it in to Mix.

During addition of stabilizer make sure mix temperature should be above than 60 degree Celsius approximately for stabilizer activation.

Add butter in mixture and continue heating.

Heat mixture until boil and do stop stirring during heating.
Cool immediately by using ice or chilled water and place it in to refrigerator at 0 to 7 degree Celsius for two hours .
After two hours remove mix from refrigerator and add Strawberry flavor and Carmosine supra color solution in it and mix well. ( If you don't have flavor or you want to make natural ice cream don't add flavor use 500 gram strawberry fruit pulp after blending process, note that do not use now use after blending.) 

Make 50/50 quantity of mix and blend one mix quantity on blender until it looks like foamy.

Mix both quantity of Ice-Cream mix and add fruit pulp if you did not used flavor & place it in to refrigerator at -20 degree Celsius. please note that if you are using both pulp and Flavor reduce flavor quantity by 50% for natural mouthfeel
After two hours mix it again by spatula and wait until it make hard texture. 
after hard texture your Home made Ice-Cream is ready to serve.

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